Cream Puffs and Chocolate Eclairs!

Yes, I know.. just by reading that title your mouth starts to water. But that title does not even begin to describe how incredibly delicious and absolutely perfect my cream puffs and eclairs turned out. They turned out so well, that I totally and completely amazed myself! hahaha. Heck, I was looking at the 4, yes I said 4, pastry boxes filled with these glorious desserts, thinking to myself  “Geez, I look like I just raided a high end bakery shoppe!”. 😀

But alas, I didn’t. Instead I … yes, I…. created all of these unbelievably light, airy, delicately fluffy pastries filled with yummy whipped cream (and some with cherry filling as well).. and dipped in chocolate.


I have impressed myself. 😉

Here’s what I did. First I made the Choux Paste that becomes the actual pastry. I then piped out fingers (for the eclairs) and rossettes (for the cream puffs). Then I baked them until they puffed out and were  light and airy on the inside, and were slightly golden on top. Then I cut every eclair and every cream puff in half. I dipped all of the eclair tops in chocolate, and some of the cream puff tops. I then put a cherry filling in each of the cream puffs. I then piped every eclair and every cream puff filled with whipped cream. When that was completed, I placed all the pastry tops back on top of their matching pastry bottoms. Last but not least, I then sprinkled powdered sugar on the tops of all of the cream puffs, including the ones that had been dipped in chocolate.


Chocolate Eclairs.
Cream Puffs.
My little bakery shoppe stocked with boxes of Cream Puffs and Chocolate Eclairs! 😀
Puff Pastry Swan made by Chef as an example of what you can do with the Eclairs. 🙂
Puff Pastry Swans.

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