Piped Spritz Cookies….

Shortbread cookies!! 🙂
And probably the best shortbread cookies I have ever had (let alone made). They were very light in texture, and super yummy.

They were actually very easy to make.. quick to bake.. and then alot of the class I spent my time decorating them and dipping them in melted chocolate. I think the toughest thing was the piping of the cookie dough onto the cookie sheets. After awhile you started to feel it in your hands and arms.. hahaha. Oh well, I’ll count it as part of my workout! 😉
I piped a bunch of different shapes: rossettes, fingers, hearts, and “s” shapes – both forward and backwards.

Then the decorating consisted of anything my mind wanted and could create. I love chocolate, so most of the cookies had chocolate on them. Whether drizzled or dipped.. heck, even dunked!.. there was lots of chocolate. Some cookies had icing sugar sprinkled on top as well, or had a cherry baked in the centre.. or a combination of everything! And some even were sandwiched together with raspberry jam in between. But all of them turned out so beautiful and delicious looking, that they were almost too pretty to eat!

I said.. “almost”.

Piped Spritz Cookies. 🙂
More Piped Spritz Cookies.
And.. even more Piped Spritz Cookies! 😉

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