Strawberry Shortcake.. MMmmmm…

When I think of Strawberry Shortcake, two thoughts come to mind:
1) The doll I had as a kid with that same name. 😉
2) Little quick so-called ‘desserts’ with a stale sponge cake bottom, a few strawberries tossed on top, and a plop of whip cream. Nothing creative, or even especially delicious..
But neither of those two thoughts came true.. thank goodness!

Last night’s class.. which was my last class of my Baking Arts classes by the way… *sigh*… we made the most heavenly three layer cake called Starwberry Shortcake. Yummy!

It was layers of soft fluffy sponge… layered with whip cream – strawberries – and another layer of whip cream. Then layered with another layer of sponge cake.. Then more whip cream and strawberries, and whip cream again.. Then a top layer of sponge cake piled high atop the other two layers of sponge and whip cream and strawberries.
But it didn’t stop there…
Next the entire cake was frosted with whip cream… then divided into eights… Then decorated with almond slivers around the entire outer edge. AND.. whip cream piped rossettes, adorned with chocolate covered strawberries, and a yummy pile of white chocolate curls in the centre of the cake….

And let me just say this: Yes, it tasted even better than it looked! 😉
It was super light and fluffy, and oh so delicious!

A delicious shot of the chocolate dipped strawberries on top of the Strawberry Shortcake.
A side view of the triple-layered Strawberry Shortcake covered in almond slivers.


Strawberry Shortcake.

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