May 16, 2010 – Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010 winner: Lebanon-born Miss Michigan is first Arab-American to take crown

Final Results:

Top 5:

Winner: Miss Michigan USA, Rima Fakih.
1st Runner Up:  Miss Oklahoma USA, Morgan Elizabeth Woolard.
2nd Runner Up: Miss Virginia USA, Samantha Casey
3rd Runner Up: Miss Colorado USA, Jessica Hartman
4th Runner Up: Miss Maine USA, Katie Whittier

Top 10:

Miss California USA, Nicole Michele Johnson
Miss Tennessee USA, Tucker Perry
Miss Missouri USA, Ashley Strohmier
Miss Alabama USA, Audrey Moore
Miss Mississippi USA, Breanne Ponder

Top 15:

Miss Arkansas USA, Adrielle Churchill
Miss Kansas USA, Bethany Gerber
Miss Wyoming USA, Claire Schreiner
Miss Pennsylvania USA, Gina Cerilli
Miss Nebraska USA, Belinda Wright

MISS PHOTOGENIC USA™ Award: Miss Alabama USA, Audrey Moore.
MISS CONGENIALITY USA™ Award: Miss Nebraska USA, Belinda Wright.


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