Bakery Showcase 2010

Today was the last day of the Bakery Showcase. I went with two of my culinary classmates. We had a  blast!

I have been to industry tradeshows before – Bridal/Wedding, Giftware, Table Top, Accessories… but this time it was for the Baking industry. And unlike other industry trade shows, this one only happen once every two years!

The show was held at the International Centre, Hall 3 (May 16-18) near Pearson Airport.  It was for industry professionals including bakers (retail, wholesale, commercial), grocery and foodservice outlets. There were over 200 companies in 35,000 sq.ft. showcasing ingredients, equipment, services, technology and baked goods (fresh, proof & bake, par-baked, freezer-to-oven, thaw & serve). There was even a Decorative Bread Competition and a National Cake Decorating Competition, though they took place before today. But the cakes were on display with the placement of the top 3 in both professional and student categories clearly marked.


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