Oatmeal Bread and Vienna Rolls

With Monday being Victoria Day and a national holiday, my Art of Cakes class was obviously put on hold until next week. Therefore, I especially looked forward to last night’s Art of Breads class, and it did not disappoint. We made Vienna Rolls (or in other words, dinner rolls), and Oatmeal Bread.

The Vienna Rolls are traditionally done in an oval shape with a score (slice/cut) through the top. We were allowed to make simple shapes as well if we wanted – single knots, double knots, etc. However, I decided to stay traditional. They resulted with a perfectly crusty exterior and a super fluffy soft interior. They turned out perfect! 🙂

Vienna Rolls.

The other bread we made was Oatmeal Bread. Instead of shaping them in pans, we let them bake free form. We also eggwashed the tops of these loaves (the way we did with the Vienna Rolls), and sprinkled oats on top. Another option is to add raisins and cinnamon sugar. To do this, after the dough is prepared, raisins should be folded in by hand. And instead of adding cinnamon to the dough (which is a tree spice and which can dry out the loaf), after applying the eggwash, dust cinnamon sugar to the top of the loaf for added flavour. The cinnamon sugar would be in lieu of the oats.

Oatmeal Bread.

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