100% Whole Wheat Bread and 9 Grain Bread

In last night’s Art of Breads class we made 100% Whole Wheat Bread and 9 Grain Bread. I must admit I was expecting it to be alot of work, but the craziest thing happened… the assistant Chef never showed up, and so the Chef called upon me to assist her in the demonstration.

Okay, so you’re asking “what does that have to do with whether it was alot of work or not?”

Well, it does and here’s why: I was making my bread while everyone watched the demo and listened to the Chef’s instructions. Then when I was done, the rest of the class had to still start, but I was already finished. Its a weird feeling being finished before the class even begins. Although you technically do all the same work, you have this long break in between making your first type of bread and making your second type of bread because you don’t have to do anything while the class is making their bread except watch your dough rise.

The first dough we made was the 100% Whole Wheat Bread. They were made into loaves and baked in rectangular pans. The second bread we made in class was the 9 Grain Bread. You had the option of making free form loaves and/or buns. And when all the bread was finshed, they looked and smelled so good… and were even better to eat! Yummy!

(L to R: A bunch of 9 Grain buns, two large free form 9 Grain loaves, and four 100% Whole Wheat Bread loaves.)

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