Banana (Layer) Cake with German Icing!

Okay okay… yes I know when you look at the picture, the cakes are not layered, but originally that was supposed to be the cake we were making last night in my Art of Cakes class. Here’s what happened:

We did make banana cakes. But if you know anything about banana cakes, you know they are very heavy. Which isn’t technically the issue, but its a start in the explanation. 😉

The icing we made is a German icing, with walnuts and coconut and super sweet. Now because the German icing is so ultra sweet, I decided (and Chef recommended) it would be too much to ice the first cake with it, then add the second cake, then ice the entire cake around the outside. Instead I decided that a more subtle icing like a swiss buttercream would be better suited for the icing inbetween the layers. Therefore, I iced the tops of both cakes with the German icing. I will make a swiss buttercream today, slice through the centre of each cake at the half way point, ice with swiss buttercream, then replace the top layer with the German icing on top, and ice the entire outer edge.

There is only one little catch.. one of the two cakes already has a piece cut out of it. Must be the mice! hahaha

Banana Cake with German Icing.

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