Chop Suey Bread and Challah Bread

In last night’s bread class we made two totally different types of bread – Chop Suey Bread and Challah Bread.

Now Chop Suey Bread has absolutely nothing to do with chop suey. In fact, I have no idea where the name came from. But what I do know is that bread is so delicious, with cinnamon, raisins, choped walnuts and candies fruit inside, and drizzled with a sweet icing on top. Yum!

What made the Chop Suey bread interesting is that the dough is chopped up into lots of small pieces and tossed into the bread pans, along with the fruits and nuts, but unlike tear-away breads the inside of these loaves bake into a solid loaf although they look like a tear-away from the outside. We also made two sizes of Chop Suey Bread – regular bread pan size, and smaller mini loaves in pretty decorative pans.

Two different sizes of Chop Suey Bread - regular size and minis.

The other type of bread we made was Challah Bread. Challah Bread is a traditional braided egg bread.

Challah Bread.

2 thoughts on “Chop Suey Bread and Challah Bread”

  1. Hello Jacenta,
    I’ve been looking all over for a recipe for Chop Suey. My mum used to make this bread. Is it possible for you to send it to me. Yours sounds like what she did: chop everything into the dough mixture and then it would turn out into a loaf! Thanks so much.

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