Sourdough Times two!

In last night’s bread class we made Sourdough! Sourdough times two that is! And by that I mean we made proper Sourdough (made with a starter), and a Quick & Easy Sourdough (made with a Sourdough Base).

I began the starter a few days before class. I ‘fed’ it flour every day and knocked out the air several times a day. The starter actually had the perfect consistency and texture, which resulted in gorgeous tasting and looking Sourdough Bread. 🙂 I ended up with two large loaves, both of them plain.

For the Quick & Easy Sourdough, we didn’t use a proper sourdough starter, but a sourdough base. The bread ended up looking great, but the taste is not exactly the same as when you use a starter. Now that’s not to say that the one with the sourdough base was bad. It actually tasted good. The thing about it is that it just didn’t taste like real sourdough. There is something about it that was ‘off’ in terms of the sourdough flavour – and it became apparent when I compared it to one of my loaves with the proper sourdough starter. But on its own, it was perfectly fine. It still tasted really good.

For the Quick & Easy Sourdough, what I ended up doing was making three cute loaves. One was plain so I could compare the flavour and texture to the Sourdough made with the sourdough starter. I second loaf with chopped fresh rosemary. With this pungent herb, about two or three tablespoons (4 – 5 grams) per kilogram of dough is enough to provide a distinct rosemary flavor without overpowering. Because my loaf was smaller, I ended up folding in 1.5 tablespoons of Rosemary. The third loaf is my deluxe loaf. I first folded in lots of chopped fresh thyme. I then folded in little chunks of cheddar cheese, pitted kalamata olives (without pits, and chopped into smaller pieces), and diced and sauteed red & yellow sweet peppers. All three turned out super yummy!!!

(Pictured above – L to R: Plain Sourdough loaf, Rosemary Sourdough loaf, and Deluxe Sourdough loaf.)
(Pictured above – L to R: Three Sourdough loaves with sourdough base, and two larger loaves with Sourdough Starter.)

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