More Sourdough… ;)

I realized about a week and a half ago that Canada Day was landing on a Thursday. Thus, no bread class. And because I had decided to continue to ‘feed’ my sourdough starter since the last time I made Sourdough in class, I now had enough starter to bake some more bread. So, that’s what I did today! 😉

I will admit I was a little nervous. Let’s face it, I have only made Sourdough once before, and it was in a large culinary chef’s kitchen, with state-of-the-art ovens, mixers and proofers. Well, I began the process at around 2:30pm, and unlike in class two weeks ago, this time I did everything by hand. No commercial grade mixers this time. Nope, just shear muscle a la Jacenta! Ha! 🙂

It is definitely a longer process doing it all by hand and having to wait for dough to proof/rise on its own, but luckily my first few bread classes were taught in the true artisan style of bread making (in other words, all down by hand), so I wasn’t too stressed out. But I did it. The bread turned out amazing. Actually, even better than before because the starter had now been fed for almost three weeks. Therefore, much more sour in taste. Yum!

Yup… I am proud of myself!

Yummy Sourdough.

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