And the winner is…….

I just got back from the Galaxy International Pageant, where I saw my good friend Sherylynn compete for the title of Ms. Galaxy 2011. She totally rocked the stage, and although I personally think she should have won (b/c she was the most gorgeous of them all), the judges called her for the Top 3, and ultimately 2nd Runner Up.

(Sherry in the pink gown on the left as part of the Top 3 in the Ms Category).

The winners are as follows:
Miss Teen Galaxy 2011 – Abbie Luther  (Teen Illinois)
Miss Galaxy 2011 – Taylor Parks  (Miss Midwest)
Mrs Galaxy 2011 – Adrianne Caruso   (U.S. Galaxy)
Ms Galaxy 2011 – Yolanda Makle   (Latina Galaxy)

(Pictured above – L to R (Back): Miss Galaxy, Teen Galaxy. L to R (Front): Mrs Galaxy, Ms Galaxy.)



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