Chocolate and Bread.. What a combination.. ;)

Chocolate and Bread is a great combination when you realize that what I am actually referring to is that I have registered for two new class starting this Fall: Introduction to Chocolate, and Rustic Artisan Breads. Yay! 🙂

Introduction to Chocolate is learning to master the skills needed to become a professional chocolatier. I will learn how to temper chocolate to produce truffles and elaborate decorations, and how to use chocolate in a variety of baking. The focus is on the production skills needed to work with fine chocolate. I can’t wait!

In the Rustic Artisan Breads class we will be exploring European-inspired rustic artisan breads. The focus will be on the traditional artisan mixing, kneading, folding and shaping techniques. We’ll learn how to culture and nurture a starter and to build a sponge to enhance favour. We’ll use essential bread-making skills to produce a variety of crusty hearth-style artisan breads. Yummy!!!


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