Sourdough and Schiacciata

In last night’s International Breads we made Sourdough (Asiago Cheese and Dill, and Walnut and Raisin), and Schiacciata.

Well, you know what Sourdough is, and you have heard me talk about it before on this blog. This time, the starter was created a week before the class instead of a few days before. And it was technically a different recipe than last time. I will say that the finished product turned out great. We made two flavours: Asiago Cheese and Dill, and Walnut and Raisin. I prefer the Walnut and Raisin. The big difference between this Sourdough and the recipe from the other Sourdough from Art of Breads is that dough this time was alot more sticky. And it was definitely more difficult to handle. Although it turned out delicious with this recipe, I will stick with the other recipe.

Okay... so its not all 'my' bread, but I did make half of it!

The other bread we made was Schiacciata bread. Its a Tuscan version of the Italian pizza style flat bread. We brushed on olive oil, and sprinkled on rosemary and sea salt. Now that… is definitely one bread I will be making again! I ate almost half of it on the way home.. hahaha 😀

Schiacciata Bread

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