Hot Cross Buns and Stollen Bread

In last night’s International Breads class we made Hot Cross Buns and Stollen Bread. They both turned out amazingly well, but can I tell you that those are two types of bread that require an insane amount of work! Yikes! I was exhausted by the end of the class from running around like a crazy person. Hahaha 😉

Hot Cross Buns are small buns which have been popular in England since Medieval Times. They are yummy with currants, raisins, and spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamon. They are also famous for their water dough “cross” on top.

Hot Cross Buns.

Stollen is a specialty bread in Holland and Germany (though in Germany it is called by another name). It is made generally at Christmas time. Part of the recipe requires that some ingredients (raisins, currants, mixed peel, almonds, marzipan) be pre-soaked a week beforehand in alcohol (dark rum and brandy). The traditional way of doing Stollen is in the form of a loaf, where a roll of marzipan is wrapped into the dough. We also made smaller bite size squares without the marzipan inside. Everything was then dusted with icing sugar.

Bite-sized Stollen fresh out of the oven.
Dusting the Stollen bites with icing sugar.
Dusting traditional Stollen loaves with icing sugar.

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