Pane Al Cioccolato and Welsh Clay Pots Loaves

In last night’s International Breads class we made Pane Al Cioccolato and Welsh Clay Pots Loaves. Well, sort of. 😉 We made the Welsh Clay Pots Loaves without using the clay pots because to temper the clay pots we would have had to bake the pots four separate times. Instead we used some fancy decorative, teflon lined paper, paper “pots”.

Pane Al Cioccolato is supposed to be a slightly sweet bread from Italy that is often served with creamy macarpone cheese as a dessert or snack. The dark chocolate pieces baked into the loaves add texture to this light loaf. However, when you use Lindt chocolate, it turns this “slightly sweet” bread into a decadent and delicious bread with chuncks of chocolate that are soft amd melted within the loaf. Yum!

Pane Al Cioccolato (Chocolate Loaves)

Welsh Clay Pots Loaves are flavoured with chives, sage, parsley, and garlic. But you can use any selection of your favourite herbs. I also added rosemary. In addition, it can be suggested that if you want even more flavour, you can try adding a little grated raw onion and grated cheese to the dough.

Welsh (Clay Pots) Loaf without the clay pot. 😉

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