September 7, 2010 – And the new Mrs America is……

Last night, in Tucson Arizona, a new Mrs America was crowned – Mrs Connecticut, Shelley Carbone. The pageant was held at the Loews Ventana Hotel Canyon Resort in Tuscon, Arizona from August 31-September 7, 2010. Mrs. Carbone competed with 50 other state winners from all over the country for the coveted title. She has been married for 12 years and has four children.

Mrs. America 2011
Mrs. Connecticut

Top 3 Finalists
Mrs. Connecticut
Mrs. Maryland – 1st Runner Up
Mrs. Illinois – 2nd Runner Up

Top 6 Finalists
Mrs. Connecticut
Mrs. Illinois
Mrs. Colorado
Mrs. Wyoming
Mrs. Texas
Mrs. Maryland

Top 12 Semi Finalists
Mrs. Texas
Mrs. Minnesota
Mrs. Missiouri
Mrs. Maine
Mrs. Illinois
Mrs. Arkansas
Mrs. Connecticut
Mrs. Colorado
Mrs. Maryland
Mrs. Wyoming
Mrs. Florida
Mrs. Tennessee

Special Awards given out were:
Mrs. Photogenic – Mrs. Indiana
Mrs. Congeniality – Mrs. Oregon
Mrs. Fitness – Mrs. Rhode Island
Best Costume – Mrs. Oklahoma
Most Original Costume – Mrs. Michigan
Most Whimsical Costume – Mrs. New York


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