Chocolate withdrawals.. :(

On Saturday morning there was no Chocolate class because it was the long Thanksgiving weekend. Now I personally think that we could have still had the class, and then enjoyed the rest of the long weekend, especially when you consider the class begins super early in the morning. But alas, that was not the case. Too bad I wasn’t in charge! 😉

Now I must wait until next weekend… Its so far away.. 😦

So the chocolate withdrawals began on Saturday morning, but continued all day and into Sunday, so I decided to make Bark! I oven roasted some almond slivered, and while they were cooling, tempered some dark Lindt chocolate. Once tempered, I mixed the almonds and chocolate together, then spread it out across a sheet to set. I then lightly sprinkled coarse sea salt over the chocolate and let cool. Boy did it taste great – the salty and the sweet. Yummy!!! 😀


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