Chocolate Cups filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse..

In my Introduction to Chocolate class we made Chocolate Cups filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse. We also had a demo on how to make Chocolate Cigars. 🙂

Chocolate Cigar.

First we made the Chocolate Cups by blowing up balloons, and dipping them into pre-crystallized milk and dark chocolate. In fact, we actually played with several versions of ceating our chocolate cups including: piping a cross pattern of milk chocolate onto the dark chocolate before dipping the balloon to help create the interesting patterns that would evolve once the balloons were dipped. Other versions included: solid dark chocolate cups, solid milk chocolate cups, piping a cross pattern dark chocolate onto the milk, multiple creative freehand patterns, even bowls with half dark – half milk on each side of the bowl to create perfectly balanced chocolate cups of dark on one side and milk on the other side.  We then placed the dipped balloons on preset dolops of dark chocolate piped to the size of quaters, on parchment paper to set. When the chocolate was completely set, we gently let out the air from the balloons.

Next we made Dark Chocolate Mousse from egg yolks, sugar, dark chocolate, 35% cream, salt, gelatine sheets, and water. Once the mousse was made, we very neatly filled up the chocolate cups that had already set with the mousse. We then refrigerated the desserts until completely set. Super Yummy!!!! 😀

Dipping balloons into chocolate with a milk chocolate cross pattern to create the swirls on the petals of the chocolate cup.
Chocolate cups setting before letting the air out. Some are straight up, others on angles, all to create interesting shapes for the finished product.
Removing the balloons from the set chocolate cups.
Empty chocolate cups.
Filling the chocolate cups with dark chocolate mousse.
Chocolate Cups filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse.
A close up of Dark and Milk Chocolate Cups filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse.
A beautiful close up shot of the Chocolate Mousses Cups.
Another great close up shot of Chocolate Mousse Cups.
More yummy close ups of Chocolate Mousse Cups. 🙂
Chocolate Mousse Cups galore!! 😉

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