12 Grain Bread and a Seeded Loaf

Last night in my Rustic Artisan Bread class we made two different breads. We made 12 Grain Bread and a Seed Loaf. Technically it was supposed to be a 6 grain bread, but we made a few substitutions to the original recipe and ended up with 12 grains in total. Hey, I’ll take it! 😉

To make the 12 Grain bread, we used water, yeast, bread flour, steal cut oats, cooked brown rice, corn meal, rolled oats, western gold 9 grain mix, salt, honey, and the biga that we made the previous week. After the ingredients had been mixed together, and we had let the dough rise. We shaped our loaves into a large batard, water washed it, sprinkled corn meal on top. We then scored it and put in the stone ovens. The final results? Gorgeous, delicious, ultra crusty rustic bread! 🙂

12 Grain Bread

To make the Seeded Loaf we usd the following ingredients: warm milk, yeast, bread flour, our soaker (a container of seeds that we had made up the previous week that included: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, flax seeds, and water), brown sugar, salt, honey, as well as the biga that we had made the previous week. After we had made the dough, and let it rest, flipping it a couple times, prepared our loaf pans. We then dipped our shaped dough loaves into water, rolled and covered them in seeds, then placed them in the pans. We then baked these loaves in the regular ovens. The end result? A surprisingly sweet loaf of bread! 🙂

Seeded Loaf.

Multi seed and multigrain breads are reminiscent of harvest time and tended to be very seasonal. Seeds were often found in the wild. A milled flour on the other hand required alot of work and was more expensive.


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