Florentines and Chocolate Amoretti..

In Saturday’s chocolate class we made Florentines and Chocolate Amoretti! Or in other words, lots of cookies!!! 😀

Florentine’s are the quintessential French cookie. They are found all over France in fine chocolatier’s and patisserie’s. Florentine’s are made with alot of different ingredients including: butter, 35% cream, sugar, honey, sliced almonds, ground almonds, mixed peel, bread flour, vanilla, salt, and dark chocolate.

Amoretti are a classice Italian cookie. They differ from region to region; they can be dry and crisp, or chewy, in any number of flavours. Our Chocolate Amoretti cookies included the following ingredients: icing sugar, ground almonds, cocoa powder, egg whites, corn starch, and salt. You can replace half of the ground almonds with ground hazelnuts. Also plain Amoretti cookies do not have cocoa powder or the corn starch. The corn starch is only in the chocolate version.

Chocolate Amoretti Cookies.
Left and Back: Chocolate Amoretti Cookies. Right Front: Florentines.

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