Lots and lots of classes!!

Well.. its official, I have signed up for four new classes starting in January. There are as follows:

Chocolate Confections
I’m going to learn the proper processes for creating such artisan chocolate confections as truffles, moulded confections, pralines, marrons glacés and more under the expert guidance of a professional chocolatier. We’ll be focusing on learning the essential skills necessary to produce advanced chocolate confections in both a traditional and a contemporary style. Yay!!! 😀

Sourdough Artisan Breads
We’re going to explore the fundamentals of sourdough artisan bread making, including mixing, kneading, folding, shaping and fermentation basics. we’re going to learn to use various artisan ingredients, to culture and nurture your own starter and to build a sponge to enhance flavour. And we’re going to produce such specialty loaves as rye, whole grain and multi-grain sours. I am soooo excited!! 🙂

Cake Decorating 1
I’m going to learn the basic piping, icing, modelling and decorating skills of the professional cake decorator. Very exciting! 🙂

Cakes (Classic to Modern)
We’re going to learn to create some classic and nouveau cakes that are very popular in the industry today – from layer cakes to meringue tortes. We’re going to use various fillings and toppings to craft the perfect cake for one’s palette. Woohoo!! 😀

I am soooo excited I can’t wait!!


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