Ooh La La… Chocolate Moulds..

Today I received something absolutely fabulous in the mail… my chocolate moulds that I ordered!! Yay!

I have been waiting very patiently for these moulds. Okay, so I didn’t have to wait too long, because I only ordered them mid last week, but still I was anxious and very excited. 🙂

So what did I order?

For my last Introduction to Chocolate class we will be making figures from chocolate moulds. Not sure if I was going to use this mould very often, added to the fact that most of these figure moulds cost a fortune, I found a cute mould on sale. Technically, he’s a cute little Easter Chick, but if you look very closely, you could totally make him into a cute little baby penguin. And I love baby penguins. 😉 Here is what he will look like when I make him:

Isn’t he cute? 😛

I also bought two other chocolate moulds on sale. And one was so ridiculously cheap that I couldn’t pass it up! Ha! The first one is an enrobed truffle chocolate design mould:

The second one I love because of the fact it reminds me of mini toblerone bars.. Super cute!

The last two chocolate moulds that I chose I actually paid full price for. And therefore, I wanted something artistic. Something unique. Something sculptural. Basically, something that represented my taste in design, that I could then translate into chocolate bonbons. The first is a praline innovation chocolate mould:

The second is a squared praline chocolate mould.

Aren’t they fabulous?! I can’t wait to use my new chocolate moulds in my new class Chocolate Confections starting in January. 😀

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