Napoleon Cakes w/ French Pastry Cream and Strawberries.

In last night’s Art of Pastry class we made Napoleon layer Cakes w/ French Pastry Cream and fresh Strawberries. Yummy! 🙂

It started with the pre-made puff pastry we had made two weeks ago. Only this time we couldn’t let it puff up like with the turnovers and strudel. So we had to “poke” holes into it so it would bake flat. While the pastry was baking, we made the most delicious French Pastry Cream. We then put the pastry cream into the fridge to cool, while we sliced fresh strawberries. When everything was baked and cooled, we began our production of layering our dessert.

First we trimmed the edges of our pastry. Then we divided the pastry into three equal strips. The layering of the dessert begins with the first layer of pastry. Then we added French Pastry Cream. Then a layer of fresh sliced strawberries. We then added an extra layer of cream to help hold the strawberries in place. Then the second layer of pastry was placed on top. Then we added the layers of cream, strawberries, and additional cream. Then we added the last layer of pastry. We then cut the dessert in two equal squares. We then dusted them with pink icing sugar, and adorned the cakes with large fresh strawberries fanned out for decoration. Voila! 😀

Many times in fine bakeries the square cakes are then cut into an additional eight sections. These sections are then called Napoleon Slices.

We also made up Chocolate Pastry for next week’s Art of Pastry class. 🙂


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