Cheesecake with a twist!

Christmas day was a busy one. I spent the whole day making my twist on cheesecake for dessert at my parents’ Chrismas Dinner on December 26th. It was alot of work, but it turned out amazing! And not just pretty to look at, but incredibly delicious!!!

First I tempered milk and white chocolate to make the chocolate cups. I then made the buttercookie crust that filled the bottom of the chocolate cup. Then I made a Citrus Orange (no bake) Cheesecake and piped the cheesecake into the cups. I put them into the fridge for 6 hours to firm up. Then I made a Citrus Orange Whip Cream and top the of the cheesecakes. Finally I decorated the top of the whip cream with a sprinkle of Orange Zest. Voila!

Milk and White Chocolate Cup with Citrus Orange Cheesecake, topped with a Citrus Orange Whip Cream. 😀

Truffles.. mmmm.. yummy!

Yesterday I spent the day making truffles for Christmas. Though I must admit, I only made half of what I had planned to make. So I’ll have to figure out a day to finish making the rest. But for now, this is what I made:
* Milk Chocolate Truffles with a Baileys Irish Cream and Chocolate Ganache Filling, Drizzled with White Chocolate.
* Milk Chocolate Truffles with a Cruzan Black Cherry Rum and Chocolate Ganache Filling, Rolled in Cocoa Powder.

LtoR: Baileys Irish Cream Truffles, and Cruzan Black Cherry Rum Truffles.

I’m Back!!! :)

I’m back!!! 😀 …. Back from Puerto Rico, and my cruise to St. Croix, Antigua, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts! 🙂

It was fabulous.. and oh so toasty warm and sunny. Not like this chilly weather I have returned too. 😦 I want to go back and pronto! Its very difficult to go from beautiful sunny and warm weather, with temperatures in the 27-29C range, to coming home to -11C (with a windchill of -20C), and snow! Yes, that’s what I said.. snow!

Now from what I understand it has been snowing for days around Toronto, but it never really hit Toronto directly. In fact, there was barely a light dusting when I arrived late last night. And what there was, was not even on the roads, but only on the grassy areas. But this morning, things changed. And as the day went on, it got worse. By noon it was snowing light fluffy snow that wasn’t melting as soon as it hit the ground.


Oh well.. I’ll have to post some holiday pictures soon so that I can bask in the memories of the warm sunny weather via my photographs instead of actually being there and experiencing it first hand. Until my next vacation….. 😉

On our hotel balcony in Puerto Rico. 🙂
Our cruise ship docked in St. Croix.
At an old fort. And yes, it's a little windy! 😉
On the cruise ship, on our stateroom balcony, as we were entering into a new dock first thing in the morning.


In last night’s Art of Pastry we made Galettes!

So what are galettes?

They’re pastries made with a milk pastry dough which includes as its ingredients: pastry flour, salt, butter, and milk. Its the set aside in the fridge to keep cool while the filling is made.

In our case, we made a delicious apple cinnamon filling. It reminded me of apple pie. 🙂 The ingredients we used for the filling were: apples, fresh lemon juice, and lemon zest, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.

Galettes can be different sizes –  large or indiviual size. So we then cut circles to make the galettes.  The circles are for both the top and bottom of the galette. You can even do open tops for your galettes if you want, but prefer the traditional galette where it is covered. Just make sure you have some vents cut into the top to let out the steam while baking. Then bake in the oven!

Once the galettes have cooled, put a translucent sugar glaze on top. This will add some additional sweetness, as well as shine. Yum!

My Styleography Episode…. “Girlfriends”

Well I just found out that my Styleography episode where they styled me as Courteney Cox is airing today Dec 1st on Cosmo TV. It is also airing:

Wed Dec 01 – 9:30 PM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Sat Dec 04 – 2:30 PM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Sat Dec 04 – 7:30 PM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Sun Dec 05 – 7:30 AM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Sun Dec 05 – 2:00 PM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Sun Dec 05 – 5:30 PM
S1 Episode #009 Girl Friends

Here is a shot of Courteney:

And here is a shot from the episode of me after they styled me to look like Courteney with super sleek hair:

Check it out! 😀