Sourdough Bread

In last night’s Sourdough Artisan Bread class we made plain Sourdough loaves using the starters we made the previous week. The objective of the class was to make the exact same bread, but one using the 60% Hydration Starter and one with the 100% Hydration Starter, and then comparing the results.

We then compared each loaf and asked questions: Which version tasted more sour? What was the differences in texture? And so on.. It was definitely an interesting experiment and learning experience. 🙂

Higher hydration pre-ferments produce lactic acids. The lactic acids provides a rounded complex flavour that is less tart than firm pre-fermets. Lower hydartion pre-ferments produce acidic acids (the same found in vinegar) which are much more sour than lactic acids. All of this being said, bacterial yeast is unique to its environment and every culture produces its own flavour profile.


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