Chevre Chocolates and Key Lime Chocolates

In last night’s very last Chocolate Confections class we made Chevre Chocolates and Key Lime Chocolates. Yummy! 🙂

Chevre Chocolates.
Key Lime Chocolates.

Croissants.. Mmmm…

In today’s Breakfast Breads class we made Croissants! Yummy! 🙂

We made plain croissants, chocolate croissants, and cheddar cheese croissants. I will admit it was alot of work, but they turned out so amazing, that is was totally worth it.

Decorating Cake #3! :)

Last night was my very last Cake Decorating #1 class. 😦

We decorated a cake we had made ourselves and brought in. I made a Lemon Chiffon Cake. It was a larger cake so I was able to cut it into three layers. I debated and debated all week what I would do in regards to decorating this cake, and even what flavour to make the filling(s). Finally last night I decided: the bottom layer of Italian Buttercream was to be flavoured with Lemon zest to give it that bit of a delicate zing. And the second layer was a Raspberry infused Italian Buttercream. I though both would be great options for the Lemon Chiffon Cake, and then when I couldn’t decide which one, I decided to do both! 🙂

Triple Layer Lemon Chiffon Cake with a layer of Lemon infused Italian Buttercream and a layer Raspberry Infused Italian Buttercream.

More and more and more and more classes…. ;)

Its official!! I have just registered for more classes! Yay! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!! 😀

So what classes did I just register for, you ask?! Well… here they are:

Chocolate Desserts
Chocolate remains a key feature of the hottest North American dessert menus. Develop an advanced appreciation for chocolate as an ingredient and for chocolate desserts. Learn how to blend ingredients and techniques from various culinary traditions in order to create daring dishes with complex flavours and appeal.

Art of Cookies
Learn to prepare cookies to the professional standards required by the industry. Create a wide range of cookies, from traditional shortbread to hazelnut rosettes and choco-mint pinwheels.

Cake Decorating II
Learn the techniques associated with rolled fondant, embossing, crimping, brush embroidery, marzipan, pastillage and flood work.

Chocolate Theory
Learn about chocolate products, their raw materials, how they are processed and the processing technologies used. Focus on the theory behind cocoa bean processing, chocolate manufacturing and centres/fillings. Expand your understanding of chocolate and the physiology of taste as they relate to recipe development.

Daddy’s Birthday!

On March 15th it was my Dad’s 75th birthday. But yesterday, was his birthday party! 🙂

So guess who was in charge of his birthday cake? Me! I ended up making him a St. Honore Cake.

Top view of Dad’s St. Honore Birthday Cake. 🙂
Dad’s St. Honore Birthday Cake.

I also made some fun Chocolate Bark for my nephews. Because my one nephew has a nut allergy,  I have to think outside the traditional Bark box, and come up with something else. I needed something that was nut-free and kid friendly. Traditionally there is a nut and a fruit of some kind in Bark. But for their Bark I used Callibaut Chocolate (because they guarantee that it is made in a nut-free facility), then added mini marshmellows and rice crispy cereal. Yummy! 😀

Milk Chocolate Bark with Mini Marshmellows and Rice Crispies. 😀


In my Cake Decorating #1 class we learned to work with Marzipan. We learned to sculpt and mould by-hand roses, mini fruits and vegetables. It was alot of fun, and the final result was super cute! 🙂

Mini fruit, vegetables, and a rose made out of marzipan.