More and more and more and more classes…. ;)

Its official!! I have just registered for more classes! Yay! I’m so excited, I can’t wait!! 😀

So what classes did I just register for, you ask?! Well… here they are:

Chocolate Desserts
Chocolate remains a key feature of the hottest North American dessert menus. Develop an advanced appreciation for chocolate as an ingredient and for chocolate desserts. Learn how to blend ingredients and techniques from various culinary traditions in order to create daring dishes with complex flavours and appeal.

Art of Cookies
Learn to prepare cookies to the professional standards required by the industry. Create a wide range of cookies, from traditional shortbread to hazelnut rosettes and choco-mint pinwheels.

Cake Decorating II
Learn the techniques associated with rolled fondant, embossing, crimping, brush embroidery, marzipan, pastillage and flood work.

Chocolate Theory
Learn about chocolate products, their raw materials, how they are processed and the processing technologies used. Focus on the theory behind cocoa bean processing, chocolate manufacturing and centres/fillings. Expand your understanding of chocolate and the physiology of taste as they relate to recipe development.


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