With the Victoria long weekend this past weekend, I was feeling like I was feeling a little lost. 😦

“Why?” you ask.

Because a long weekend means there are no classes Friday through Monday. And I have two classes during those days – Saturday mornings ‘Chocolate Desserts’ and Monday night’s ‘Art of Cookies’. But alas, they did not happen.

That said, it was Tuesday yesterday, and that means I had my Cake Decorating 2 class.

“So what did we do?” you ask.

We made Fondant. We had a demo on how to make your own Fondant from scratch. We also worked with commercial Fondant. I will admit it was my very first time. And I will also admit, it is much harder than it looks on tv! Ha! But that’s okay. The class was developed to be a learning experience. We brought in styrofoam cake dummies, and cake boards. And we learned all kinds of different techniques like: embossing, crimping, and just working with Fondant.

And I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t mind practicing, but my first time was the most successful. 😉 In fact, I had to cover that styrofoam cake three times before I finally got it right! Haha.. 😀

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