Rugalachs and Sugar Cookies

In last night’s Art of Cookies class we made Rugalachs and Sugar Cookies. 🙂

Okay, so I’ll be honest, I had no idea going into last night’s class what on earth a Rugalachs was. Even as we were making the cookies, there were steps that made me think of other foods, like cinnamon buns. And then when they were finshed (both before and after they were baked), I looked at those cookies and thought “pigs in a blanket”. Huh? Um, yeah, not exactly what you want to think about when you make cookies, but I did. Well, until I ate one! The dough was like a pastry, not a traditional cookie dough. And the filling was similar to a cinnamon bun because of the chopped pecans, raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar. So much tastier than they look! Ha! 😀


The other cookie we made were Sugar Cookies. We cut out both tops and bottoms with the same shape. I chose to use a flower shape, for both the size of the cookie, as well as the ‘cut-out’ in the top cookie. We then filled them with raspberry jam, and sprinkled them with icing sugar. You can also finish them by dipping them in chocolate, or drizzling them chocolate.

Sugar Cookie Sandwiches with raspberry jam inside and sprinkled with icing sugar. 🙂

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