More Carnage in the Tour de France..

Stage 8 Aigurande   Super-Besse Sancy  – 189 km
Saturday July 9, 2011 was the eigth stage of the Tour de France.

Stage 9 Issoire   Saint-Flour – 208 km
Sunday July 10, 2001 was the ninth stage and in my opinion, one of the worst stages I have ever seen. Some of the biggest names in racing were eliminated with a nasty crash. Yet the worst part of all was when a car veered into one of the five leading break-away cyclists, which also resulted in the horrendous crash of a second cyclist in that five-man break-away group. Definitely one of the most dangerous and upsetting sights I have seen in all my years of watching the Tour de France!

Today, Monday July 11, 2011 was a rest day. And thank goodness for that! Hopefully they can try and recover a bit after such a horrifically dangerous first week of cycling. 🙂


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