Gum Paste Roses…

In Tuesday night’s class we made Gum Paste Roses. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do it, and now I know how! 🙂 And we didn’t just learn one version, but the three variations of the Rose – the Bud, the partially opened flower, and the Rose in full bloom. So pretty!

In an ealier class we premade all of the centre buds that we would then use tonight to help shape the Roses. Its surprisingly easier than I thought. Maybe I was really nervous, but I expected it to be more difficult. Now don’t get me wrong, Roses are alot of work, and a lot of time and energy to do. But difficult or stressful? No. 😉

And as an added bonus, we also learned how to make a Daisy! 😀

Gum Paste Daisy! So pretty!
Gum Paste Roses.
Gum Paste Roses.
A side view of my Gum Paste Roses amongst all the other flowers including the Sweet Peas on the right. 🙂

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