Dhalpourie and Doubles

In my very first Global Artisan Bread class we made Dhalpourie (Roti filled with Split Peas) and Doubles.

Dhalpourie is like pitas, but we made them with a yellow split pea, ground tumeric, garlic, and ground cumin paste rolled inbetween the two layers of the thin bread.

Doubles are bread balls flattened out with my fingers into little patties and dropped into the deep fryer where they puffed up a bit.

Both the Dhalpourie and the Doubles were served with a potato and vegetable stew-type filling. That said, the Dhalpourie can also be used for dipping. 🙂


The First Day of Chocolate Showpieces

Saturday morning marked the very first class of my Chocolate Showpieces class. 🙂

We learned to make a small base, by making a a free-form acetate wall where we poured in the chocolate. We also learned to make a decorative chocolate flower for on the top of the base, and little feet or legs for underneath the base. We `glued`all these pieces together using tempered melted chocolate. 😀

Day 1 of Chocolate Showpieces, and my chocolate flower and base are complete. 🙂

Chocolate Showpieces

I’m very excited to say that I am registered for my final course in becoming a Professional Chocolatier – Chocolate Showpieces! Yay!! 🙂

Chocolate Showpieces
I am going to develop the knowledge and abilities required to create striking chocolate showpieces while building on fundamental chocolatier skills and techniques. I am going to focus on creating a synergy between the medium of chocolate and professional presentation skills in order to make display pieces that meet the industry standard.