A Special Birthday Bouquet! ;)

For Brent’s birthday, as I mentioned in a previous post, that I made him one of his favourite desserts: Macarons. Well.. that wasn’t all I made for him. 😉

On his birthday, I gave him a special bouquet of some of his favourite things. I wanted to do something special, that was just for him, and so I went out and bought some of his favourite candies, and one of his favourite adult treats – Amaretto.

A sneak peek at all the yummies found in my husband's special birthday bouquet! :)
A sneak peek at all the yummies found in my husband’s special birthday bouquet! 🙂

I then bought a sparkly green leaf that would be the base on any floral bouquet, and placed that at the back or base of my bouquet. I then created flower “stems” out of different shades of green pipe cleaners twisted together. I attached a stem to each candy box, and to the amaretto, then pulled them together like a floral bouquet.

Once all the ‘flowers’ and ‘stems’ were created, the entire bouquet was wrapped in cellophane and ribbons, just like you would receive at a florist. 🙂

It lay waiting for him on his birthday. We was very surprised, and absolutely loved it! 😀

The wrapped bouquet! :D
The wrapped bouquet! 😀

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