Day 6: Olympics

Can speed skating get any better than this?

Men's 1000m Speed Skating Champions in Sochi!
Men’s 1000m Speed Skating Champions in Sochi!

The Netherlands and Canada on the podium… Stefan Groothuis gave the Netherlands another Gold medal in speedskating. Canada’s Denny Morrison took the Silver. And 500m champion Michel Mulder from the Netherlands took the Bronze.

Canadian Denny Morrison. :)
Canadian Denny Morrison. 🙂

Denny Morrison wasn’t even scheduled to compete in the event, but got in when his teammate – Gilmore Junio – gave up his spot so Denny could race. The three-time Olympian Morrison failed to qualify at the 1,000 distance at the Olympic trials in Calgary last month, falling just 50 metres short of the finish. But Junio, who finished 11th on Monday in his Olympic debut in the men’s 500, said Tuesday it’s the right thing to do.

“How Denny is skating now, I believe it’s in the best interest of the team if he races,” Junio said in a statement released by Speed Skating Canada. “To represent Canada at the Olympics is a huge honour and privilege but I believe that as Canadians, we’re not just here to compete; we are here to win. Denny has proven to be a consistent medal threat in the distance.”

“This is an amazing gesture and I’m ready to make the most of this opportunity,” Morrison said. And that he did. Morrison who is currently sixth in the World Cup standings at the 1000m distance, with a pair of fourth place finishes. In the past, he’s won two silver medals at the world championships in the 1,000. And today he added a Silver at the Olympics in Sochi! 🙂


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