Day 14: Olympics

Canada wins Gold!
Canada wins Gold!

Canada Wins Gold in Women’s Olympic Curling. Canada denied Sweden a third straight Olympic title with a tension-filled 6-3 victory at the Sochi Games, completing an unbeaten campaign of 11 wins — an unprecedented achievement in the women’s game.

The championship means Canada’s women curlers have finally stepped out of the shadow of their men’s teams, who have won gold at the last two Olympics and will go for another on Friday against Britain. This win marks Canada’s first Olympic women’s curling gold since 1998. 🙂


Canada’s Women’s Hockey Team wins Gold in Sochi in over time! Now was there ever really any thought of something different happening? Come on now?!! 😉

Canada defeats the U.S. to win their fourth straight Women’s Hockey Gold. The Americans, who won the first Olympic title in women’s hockey at the 1998 Nagano Games, now have lost to the Canadians in the championship game in three of the past four Games.


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