The Netherlands… Taking A Nap in World Cup Play? Totally Absurd Game!

In the match between the Netherlands and Australia today, I found myself not cheering in the first half, but telling them to wake up. They looked like they were taking a nap.

What should have been a `no brainer`game against the Australians, proved to be surprisingly strenuous for the Dutch team. Too much time was spent in the Dutch end defending off the Australian attackers, not b/c they were better ball players, but b/c the Netherlands hadn’t decided to really join the game yet. That should not have happened for the much more skilled Dutch team

Yes.. The Netherlands scored first by Robbens. But, only a moment passed (70 seconds) before the game was tied 1-1. Umm.. Hello? Wakey wakey Holland!

The score of 1-1 remained unchanged until the Half Time…

Second half.. Australia kicks a ball against a Dutch players hand. The Dutch player was just running, his arm and hand behind him in neutral position. It just happened to hit his hand. The result? A free kick on the goal. 2-1 Australia. What a load of crap! That should not have ruled a hand ball.

Thank goodness for Van Persie a few minutes later.. he scored the second goal for the Netherlands!

At this point I must say that the ref’s calls were totally absurd. Dutch players being called for doing nothing.. Australia being awarded free kicks for no reason or deliberate dives by their players. Utterly painful to watch, and absolutely ridiculous!

Finally.. where it should be.. Van Persie scores .. again.. Third goal for the Netherlands.

The game became more and more frustrating to watch as Australian player after Australian player continued to take over exaggerated dive after dive. Obviously, the Netherlands are much better ball handlers. That is evident. But when you are out matched, please have some self respect and play with dignity. Yes.. I’m speaking to you Team Australia! We can all see that you are desperate, but continually faking dives to get free kicks, just make you look pathetic!

Final Score: Netherlands 3-2 Australia..

The Netherlands victorious!
The Netherlands victorious!

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