The Netherlands vs Mexico: Can You Say Stressful?!


With heat at approximately 88F, and feeling like 97F, the Netherlands was at a huge disadvantage. And then when the first substitute was brought in at about 8.5 minutes b/c de Jong unexpectantly left play, it was not a good sign. But don’t let that worry you too much.. Holland is the superior team. And for the first time in World Cup play, two regulated “Cooling Breaks’ at the thirty minute point in play were given to all players, refs and officials.

The first half, the Dutch team did what they are known for, they handled the ball, with lots of great passing. But… that’s pretty much all they did. They weren’t aggressive in their attempts to score. Until in the four minutes of extra time, when two Mexican players took out Arjen Robben in the box, which should have resulted in a penalty kick for Robben. The Ref didn’t call it. Not impressed.

Half time.. scoreless..

Second half, Mexico scores fairly quickly.. what should have been an equalizer, but b/c of the bad call, or should I say ‘lack of call’ by the Ref in the first half, the score is now 1-0 Mexico.

With only about two minutes left to regular time, and Wesley Sneijder scores Holland’s first goal.

With about two minutes into extra play, Arjen Robbens is fouled, and a penalty shot is awarded. Substitute Huntelaar (who came in for Van Persie) took the shot.. and goal!!


Final score: The Netherlands 2-1 Mexico… and they advance to the Quarterfinals! Yahoo! 🙂

Side note: What was with the Mexican coach being such a sore loser? Scolding the Ref after the game, and then pushing Van Persie. Yikes!


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