Chicken Tostadas With Green Salsa & Chipotle

Chicken Tostada with Green Salsa & Chipotle.
Chicken Tostada with Green Salsa & Chipotle.

The other night I tried something new.. Chicken Tostadas With Green Salsa & Chipotle! πŸ™‚

To make the tostadas, I fried tortillas in a small amount of vegetable oil, in a non stick skillet until crisp. I then set them aside in a warming pan.

I then placed chicken chunks in a pan with chicken stock and garlic, and sprinkled some ground cumin. I brought it to a boil, then reduced the heat and cooked it for 1-2 minutes or until the chicken turned opaque. I removed the chicken from the heat and let stand in its hot liquid.

I then placed the crisp tostadas on a plate, sprinkled cheddar cheese all over it. I then removed the chicken from the hot liquid and divide it amongst the tostadas. I topped the chicken with fresh chopped cilantro, diced tomatoes, a handful of chopped romaine lettuce, thinly sliced scallions, sliced avocado, sour cream and a little bit of chipotle chiles. Yum!

Close up shot of all the yummy goodness in the Chicken Tostadas..
Close up shot of all the yummy goodness in the Chicken Tostadas..

Note: If you like beans, you can heat beans in a separate pan with enough water to form a smooth puree. This can be spread on the warm tostadas before adding the chicken.


Chicken Lime Salad with Avocado… With A Twist..

Close up of the delicious Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad. Yummy!
Close up of the delicious Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad. Yummy!

Tonight I revisited one yummy chicken dish I made several months ago – Chicken Lime Salad with Avocado! Yummy!

I combine delicious fresh vegetables and herbs, chilled chicken, and the smooth creaminess of the avocado, with the crunch of tortilla chips. Only this time I made some slight adjustments. πŸ˜‰

I combined sour cream, mayonnaise and finely grated lime rind, and grated gingerroot in a small bowl. I then stirred in pre-cooked chicken breast cut into small chunks and chilled. I then added grated carrot, chopped cucumber, and salt and pepper. I let it chill a bit longer in the refrigerator, while I chopped fresh cilantro, fresh basil leaves, and fresh parsley. I then combined it altogether, including the chopped avocado in lime juice, and served it with some small tortilla chip flakes.

The final result… a delicious and fresh tasting meal perfect for a warm Summer evening. πŸ™‚

Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad.
Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad.
Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad.
Chicken, Lime and Avocado Salad.

The Netherlands Vs Brazil: A Game That Really Shouldn’t Have Happened…

Today’s World Cup game just solidifies a number of obvious things…
1) The Netherlands should have been in the World Cup Finals against Germany.
2) Their chance to be in the World Cup Final was stolen from them from by the incompetent officiating by the Referee from Turkey.. Can you say deja vu?!
3) Despite terrible refereeing in this match, they easily beat Brazil.
4) Despite lots of dirty moves by the Brazilian players, they still couldn`t beat the much more skilled Dutch Team.
5) FIFA should do away with the so-called third and fourth place game, as it really serves no purpose…
6) Holland was robbed four years ago by bad refereeing.. and now we will have to wait AGAIN for another four years before they FINALLY get what they deserve.. to be crowned World Cup Champions.

So what happened in today’s match between the Netherlands and Brazil?

Wesley Sneijder was injured during warm-up and never even got to start.

First half…

At the three minute mark, the Netherlands scores their first goal – Robin van Persie from a penalty kick.

Goal #1.
Goal #1.

The Second goal was scored by Daley Blind for the Netherlands.

Goal #2.
Goal #2.

At half time… the score is Netherlands 2-0 Brazil.

Third goal was scored by Georginio Wijnaldum at the ninety minute mark.

Goal #3.
Goal #3.

Then the Dutch Coach substituted the goal keeper for the last five minutes of extra play with their number two goalie – Michel Vorm. Michel Vorm had not yet had a chance to play in this World Cup.. but now he was part of the game. Now that is classy and an example of why the Dutch Coach is so good at what he does.

It was a weird game.. Holland by far superior. The referee gave a bunch of yellow cards, but made some bad calls, like when he should have awarded a red card against a Brazilian player, or didn’t call so many of the bad dives by the Brazilian players. He did, surprisingly call one Brazilian player for a blatant flop and awarded a yellow card. Something that really should have been given out throughout the entire World Cup.

The craziest observation during this game was how the Brazilian crowd reacted during the entire match. The Brazilian crowd, which overwhelmed the stadium with yellow jerseys, continually boo’d their home team. They would boo when a Brazilian player made a mistake. They would boo whenever the Coach was shown on the large screens. They would boo when the Brazilian players would leave the field as their substitute would enter. They would boo when the half time play was over, and when the final whistle was blown.

Final score: Netherlands 3-0 Brazil.


The Netherlands vs Argentina

First half.. started with lots of back and forth.. lots of good ball handling by both teams, but no one team dominated.

Argentina was awarded a free kick on an obvious dive. Thankfully, the Dutch goalie had no problem catching the ball.

A collision of heads at about the twenty-five minute mark between a Dutch and Argentine player, resulting with the Argentine player being off balance and falling, totally disoriented and woozy, to the ground. As he tipped over, he reached out his arm, and a Dutch player was able to grab him before he hit the ground, preventing any additional injury. There were several minutes spent making sure the Argentine player didn’t have a concussion. He resumed play.

There were a lot of dives on the part of Argentina. It just became frustrating to watch after a while. Then Martins Indi was yellow carded unfairly. Argentine player Messi, gets away with a lot of stuff that most players wouldn’t. I can only guess it’s b/c he is considered such a good player. Why else such ‘favouritism’?

Half time.. scoreless…

At the forty-eight minute mark, Arjen Robben is awarded a free kick after an Argentine player physically holds him back. Sneijder wastes the kick, hitting it too high.

It was clear that the Argentina team had Robben marked. Whenever a ball went in his direction, there were instantly three to four players on him.

Then it began to rain…. very heavily from a darkened sky.

Then Blind did a stupid move.. he kicked a wayward ball to no one, and towards the Dutch end of the field. Why was this frustrating? B/c Holland had control of the ball for several minutes with lots of momentum and passing.

Then Argentina scored a goal.. or did they? Nope! Thank God!

A free kick was awarded to the Netherlands after a player was tackled from behind.. and again, Sneijder kicks too high.. Sigh..

Then at the ninety minute mark.. Robben was so close to scoring a game winning goal as he charged the net, but was challenged. The next few minutes of the three minute extra time was attack after attack by the Dutch.. but to no avail.

Thirty minutes of overtime..

The extra time just resulted in really bad calls by the useless Turkish Ref. And lack of calls against Argentina. Very unimpressed. And of course, lots of big fake dives on the part of Argentina. It’s irritating watching the Ref let the Argentine team get away with these kinds of antics. Even the Argentinian Coach kept picking up the ball when it crossed the line and would hold on it to too long when it was the Dutch team’s ball.

Scoreless after thirty minutes of extra time… We head to a shoot out. So stressful!

First to kick.. Holland. No goal. 😦

Argentina… first kick.. goal.

Holland.. second kick.. goal.

Argentina .. second kick.. goal..

Holland.. kick number three.. no goal.

Argentina.. kick number three.. goal.. Dutch goalie got his hands on it.. but it still slipped through.. Sigh..

Holland.. fourth kick.. goal..

Argentina.. fourth kick.. goal.. Dutch goalie got his hands on it, but it still went in bouncing off the bar.

Holland is eliminated. Devastated.

World Cup Standings Update… Round 16

June 28 : Brazil vs Chile 1-1 (3-2 Penalty Shots) Round 16
June 28 : Colombia vs Uruguay 2-0 Round 16
*Brazil advances to Quarterfinals to face Colombia Friday July 4th.

June 29 : Netherlands vs Mexico 2-1 Round 16
June 29 : Costa Rica vs Greece 1-1 (5-3 Penalty Shots) Round 16
*The Netherlands advances to Quarterfinals to face Costa Rica Saturday July 5th.

June 30 : France vs Nigeria 2-0 Round 16
June 30 : Germany vs Algeria 2-1 Round 16
*France advances to Quarterfinals to face Germany Friday July 4th.

July 1 : Argentina vs Switzerland 1-0 Round 16
July 1 : Belgium vs USA 2-1 Round 16
*Argentina advances to Quarterfinals to face Belgium Saturday July 5th.