The Netherlands vs Argentina

First half.. started with lots of back and forth.. lots of good ball handling by both teams, but no one team dominated.

Argentina was awarded a free kick on an obvious dive. Thankfully, the Dutch goalie had no problem catching the ball.

A collision of heads at about the twenty-five minute mark between a Dutch and Argentine player, resulting with the Argentine player being off balance and falling, totally disoriented and woozy, to the ground. As he tipped over, he reached out his arm, and a Dutch player was able to grab him before he hit the ground, preventing any additional injury. There were several minutes spent making sure the Argentine player didn’t have a concussion. He resumed play.

There were a lot of dives on the part of Argentina. It just became frustrating to watch after a while. Then Martins Indi was yellow carded unfairly. Argentine player Messi, gets away with a lot of stuff that most players wouldn’t. I can only guess it’s b/c he is considered such a good player. Why else such ‘favouritism’?

Half time.. scoreless…

At the forty-eight minute mark, Arjen Robben is awarded a free kick after an Argentine player physically holds him back. Sneijder wastes the kick, hitting it too high.

It was clear that the Argentina team had Robben marked. Whenever a ball went in his direction, there were instantly three to four players on him.

Then it began to rain…. very heavily from a darkened sky.

Then Blind did a stupid move.. he kicked a wayward ball to no one, and towards the Dutch end of the field. Why was this frustrating? B/c Holland had control of the ball for several minutes with lots of momentum and passing.

Then Argentina scored a goal.. or did they? Nope! Thank God!

A free kick was awarded to the Netherlands after a player was tackled from behind.. and again, Sneijder kicks too high.. Sigh..

Then at the ninety minute mark.. Robben was so close to scoring a game winning goal as he charged the net, but was challenged. The next few minutes of the three minute extra time was attack after attack by the Dutch.. but to no avail.

Thirty minutes of overtime..

The extra time just resulted in really bad calls by the useless Turkish Ref. And lack of calls against Argentina. Very unimpressed. And of course, lots of big fake dives on the part of Argentina. It’s irritating watching the Ref let the Argentine team get away with these kinds of antics. Even the Argentinian Coach kept picking up the ball when it crossed the line and would hold on it to too long when it was the Dutch team’s ball.

Scoreless after thirty minutes of extra time… We head to a shoot out. So stressful!

First to kick.. Holland. No goal. 😦

Argentina… first kick.. goal.

Holland.. second kick.. goal.

Argentina .. second kick.. goal..

Holland.. kick number three.. no goal.

Argentina.. kick number three.. goal.. Dutch goalie got his hands on it.. but it still slipped through.. Sigh..

Holland.. fourth kick.. goal..

Argentina.. fourth kick.. goal.. Dutch goalie got his hands on it, but it still went in bouncing off the bar.

Holland is eliminated. Devastated.


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