The Trattorian

A close up shot of the yummy Trattorian pizza!
A close up shot of the yummy Trattorian pizza!

After a slight hiatus, the pizza adventures continues with The Trattorian.. aka: a meat lovers pizza! 😉

The Trattorian, although considered a traditional pizza here in North America, my husband (who is Italian) says it is not something you would find in Italy. But that didn’t stop us!

First I started off by making a whole new batch of Southern Italian pizza dough. I put several balls into the freezer for future use. Then I began the prep for The Trattorian.

First, I cooked a spicy Italian sausage, and slow cooked hickory-smoked bacon until it was crisp.

I then brushed my prepped pizza dough with my Herbed Grill Oil, sprinkled finely grated Parmesan cheese, and shredded Mozzarella cheese.

I then dropped spoonfuls of the Chunky Tomato Basil Sauce on top of the pizza. I added thin slices of pepperoni, thin slices of the spicy Italian sausage, thin slices of yellow peppers, and super thin slices of onion. I also scattered torn pieces of the bacon all over the pizza.

I then cooked the pizza in the oven until it was perfectly cooked. Yummy!! 😀

The Trattorian!
The Trattorian!
The Trattorian Pizza! Yum!
The Trattorian Pizza! Yum!

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