Thai Chicken Soup

Thai Chicken Soup!
Thai Chicken Soup!

A new soup adventure came to light when I made a Thai Chicken Soup. πŸ™‚

I heated sesame chili oil in a large pot. I added finely chopped garlic cloves and cooked over a medium heat, stirring, for one minute. I then added sliced scallions, finely sliced leeks, grated fresh ginger, and a seeded and finely chopped red chile. I let it cook, stirring for another three minutes. I then added chopped chunks of chicken breast, and my homemade chicken stock. I brought it to a boil and let simmer for twenty minutes. I then stirred in finely sliced lime leaves.

While the soup was simmering, I boiled water in a separate pot, and added fine egg noodles. I cooked them for three minutes, drained them, then added them to my soup. I then seasoned with salt and pepper. I let it cook for another two minutes, then I removed it from the heat, and ladled into serving bowls, and served hot. πŸ™‚

A view from above!
A view from above!

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