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Holland was robbed in World Cup Final!

The Netherlands was robbed in the World Cup Final against Spain when the stupid Referee allowed an off-side goal against Holland in the 116th minute of the game. Thus, causing the Netherlands to lose 1-0. Very disappointing! 😦


Netherlands beats Slovakia… Woohoo!

I just watched the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Slovakia live.. and Holland won!!! Woohoo!! 😀

The final score 2-1 over Slovakia. It should have been 2-0, but the stupid referee gave a penalty kick to a Slovakian player who was faking a fall with less than 30 seconds left in the game. Thus allowing them to score that single point. Totally undeserved.

This afternoon, Brazil plays Chile, and the winner of that match plays the Netherlands this Friday July 2nd in the Quarter-Finals.

The Netherlands moves on to next round in World Cup!!

June 14th, in Johannesburg, the Netherlands beat Denmark 2-0.

June 19th, in Durban, the Netherlands beat Japan 1-0.

Today, June 24th, in Cape Town, the Netherlands beat Cameroon 2-1.

Group E: State of play
The Netherlands became the first team to book their place in the Round of 16 after their 1-0 victory over Japan and Denmark’s defeat of Cameroon on Saturday June 19th. With today’s win over Cameroon, the Netherlands guaranteed their first place standing in their group. Yay!! 🙂