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See You Again in Four Years…

Well, as today’s World Cup between Germany and Argentina played out, with Germany coming out victorious.. I would much rather recognize the Netherlands, a team that should have been in that Final.. and finally crowned champions. But alas, we will have to wait another four years before we can celebrate that milestone.

Until then….





The Netherlands Vs Brazil: A Game That Really Shouldn’t Have Happened…

Today’s World Cup game just solidifies a number of obvious things…
1) The Netherlands should have been in the World Cup Finals against Germany.
2) Their chance to be in the World Cup Final was stolen from them from by the incompetent officiating by the Referee from Turkey.. Can you say deja vu?!
3) Despite terrible refereeing in this match, they easily beat Brazil.
4) Despite lots of dirty moves by the Brazilian players, they still couldn`t beat the much more skilled Dutch Team.
5) FIFA should do away with the so-called third and fourth place game, as it really serves no purpose…
6) Holland was robbed four years ago by bad refereeing.. and now we will have to wait AGAIN for another four years before they FINALLY get what they deserve.. to be crowned World Cup Champions.

So what happened in today’s match between the Netherlands and Brazil?

Wesley Sneijder was injured during warm-up and never even got to start.

First half…

At the three minute mark, the Netherlands scores their first goal – Robin van Persie from a penalty kick.

Goal #1.
Goal #1.

The Second goal was scored by Daley Blind for the Netherlands.

Goal #2.
Goal #2.

At half time… the score is Netherlands 2-0 Brazil.

Third goal was scored by Georginio Wijnaldum at the ninety minute mark.

Goal #3.
Goal #3.

Then the Dutch Coach substituted the goal keeper for the last five minutes of extra play with their number two goalie – Michel Vorm. Michel Vorm had not yet had a chance to play in this World Cup.. but now he was part of the game. Now that is classy and an example of why the Dutch Coach is so good at what he does.

It was a weird game.. Holland by far superior. The referee gave a bunch of yellow cards, but made some bad calls, like when he should have awarded a red card against a Brazilian player, or didn’t call so many of the bad dives by the Brazilian players. He did, surprisingly call one Brazilian player for a blatant flop and awarded a yellow card. Something that really should have been given out throughout the entire World Cup.

The craziest observation during this game was how the Brazilian crowd reacted during the entire match. The Brazilian crowd, which overwhelmed the stadium with yellow jerseys, continually boo’d their home team. They would boo when a Brazilian player made a mistake. They would boo whenever the Coach was shown on the large screens. They would boo when the Brazilian players would leave the field as their substitute would enter. They would boo when the half time play was over, and when the final whistle was blown.

Final score: Netherlands 3-0 Brazil.


World Cup Standings Update… Round 16

June 28 : Brazil vs Chile 1-1 (3-2 Penalty Shots) Round 16
June 28 : Colombia vs Uruguay 2-0 Round 16
*Brazil advances to Quarterfinals to face Colombia Friday July 4th.

June 29 : Netherlands vs Mexico 2-1 Round 16
June 29 : Costa Rica vs Greece 1-1 (5-3 Penalty Shots) Round 16
*The Netherlands advances to Quarterfinals to face Costa Rica Saturday July 5th.

June 30 : France vs Nigeria 2-0 Round 16
June 30 : Germany vs Algeria 2-1 Round 16
*France advances to Quarterfinals to face Germany Friday July 4th.

July 1 : Argentina vs Switzerland 1-0 Round 16
July 1 : Belgium vs USA 2-1 Round 16
*Argentina advances to Quarterfinals to face Belgium Saturday July 5th.

The Netherlands vs Mexico: Can You Say Stressful?!


With heat at approximately 88F, and feeling like 97F, the Netherlands was at a huge disadvantage. And then when the first substitute was brought in at about 8.5 minutes b/c de Jong unexpectantly left play, it was not a good sign. But don’t let that worry you too much.. Holland is the superior team. And for the first time in World Cup play, two regulated “Cooling Breaks’ at the thirty minute point in play were given to all players, refs and officials.

The first half, the Dutch team did what they are known for, they handled the ball, with lots of great passing. But… that’s pretty much all they did. They weren’t aggressive in their attempts to score. Until in the four minutes of extra time, when two Mexican players took out Arjen Robben in the box, which should have resulted in a penalty kick for Robben. The Ref didn’t call it. Not impressed.

Half time.. scoreless..

Second half, Mexico scores fairly quickly.. what should have been an equalizer, but b/c of the bad call, or should I say ‘lack of call’ by the Ref in the first half, the score is now 1-0 Mexico.

With only about two minutes left to regular time, and Wesley Sneijder scores Holland’s first goal.

With about two minutes into extra play, Arjen Robbens is fouled, and a penalty shot is awarded. Substitute Huntelaar (who came in for Van Persie) took the shot.. and goal!!


Final score: The Netherlands 2-1 Mexico… and they advance to the Quarterfinals! Yahoo! 🙂

Side note: What was with the Mexican coach being such a sore loser? Scolding the Ref after the game, and then pushing Van Persie. Yikes!

World Cup Standings Update… Part 3


June 23 : Netherlands vs Chile 2-0 Group B
June 23 : Spain vs Australia 3-0 Group B
June 23 : Brazil vs Cameroon 4-1 Group A
June 18 : Mexico vs Croatia 3-1 Group A

Netherlands wins Group B, advances to play second place in Group A (Mexico) Sunday June 29th. Chile advances to play first place in Group A (Brazil) on Saturday June 28th.

June 24 : Uruguay vs Italy 1-0 Group D
June 24 : Costa Rica vs England 0-0 Group D
June 24 : Columbia vs Japan 4-1 Group C
June 24 : Greece vs Cote d’Ivoire 2-1 Group C

Columbia wins Group C, advances to play second place in Group D (Uruguay) Monday June 28th. Greece advances to play first place in Group D (Costa Rica) on Tuesday June 29th.

June 25 : Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran 3-1 Group F
June 25 : Argentina vs Nigeria 3-2 Group F
June 25 : Switzerland vs Honduras 3-0 Group E
June 25 : France vs Ecuador 0-0 Group E

Argentina wins Group F, advances to play second place in Group E (Switzerland) on Tuesday July 1st. Nigeria advances to play first place in Group E (France) on Monday June 30th.

June 26 : Portugal vs Ghana 2-1 Group G
June 26 : Germany vs USA 1-0 Group G
June 26 : Russia vs Algeria 1-1 Group H
June 26 : Belgium vs South Korea 1-0 Group H

Germany wins Group G, advances to play second place in Group H (Algeria) on Monday June 30th. USA advances to play first place in Group H (Belgium) on Tuesday July 1st.

The Netherlands vs Chile – They Win the Match, and Group B!


First half was explosive excitement. Fast play, fancy controlled footwork, and both teams working hard to score. Yet, it is important to note that the Netherlands needs a win or draw to win the group. Chile needs a win to be deemed the leaders of the group.

There were a few misses with passing on the part of Holland. That was disappointing. Disappointment shown on Robben’s face. There were some definite dives by the Chilean players, but nothing that the Ref wasn’t aware of, including the 2 huge dives in front of the net, one that resulted in an argument, and exchanging of words between the two teams. Robben was so close to scoring… poor guy. Too bad Van Persie wasn’t playing today to help relieve the pressure and to work with Robben. Van Persie was sitting out due to having yellow cards.

Half Time… scoreless…

Second half.. Too many Chilean players faking big drama-filled dives and falls, even when they are not even near a Dutch player. So frustrating to watch. Ref gives yellow card to Daley Blind.. Fair? No.

Finally a goal (a beautiful header) by a Dutch player at his first appearance at an International match – Leroy Fer. Yay! 🙂


Goal #2 – Memphis Depay assisted by Robben… in the three minutes of extra time. 🙂


Final score: The Netherlands 2-0 Chile. Holland wins Group B.

My only question.. Where were all the oranje shirts in the crowd?? How unusual for a Nederlands voetbal match!

World Cup Standings Update… Part 2

June 17 : Belgium vs Algeria 2-1 Group H
June 17 : Brazil vs Mexico 0-0 Group A
June 17 : Russia vs South Korea 1-1 Group H

June 18 : Netherlands vs Australia 3-2 Group B
June 18 : Chile vs Spain 2-0 Group B
June 18 : Croatia vs Cameroon 4-0 Group A

June 19 : Columbia vs Cote d’Ivoire 2-1 Group C
June 19 : Uruguay vs England 2-1 Group D
June 19 : Japan vs Greece 0-0 Group C

June 20 : Costa Rica vs Italy 1-0 Group D
June 20 : France vs Switzerland 5-2 Group E
June 20 : Ecuador vs Honduras 2-1 Group E

June 21 : Argentina vs Iran 1-0 Group F
June 21 : Germany vs Ghana 2-2 Group G
June 21 : Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-0 Group F

June 22 : Belgium vs Russia 1-0 Group H
June 22 : Algeria vs South Korea 4-2 Group H
June 22 : Portugal vs USA 2-2 Group G

The Netherlands… Taking A Nap in World Cup Play? Totally Absurd Game!

In the match between the Netherlands and Australia today, I found myself not cheering in the first half, but telling them to wake up. They looked like they were taking a nap.

What should have been a `no brainer`game against the Australians, proved to be surprisingly strenuous for the Dutch team. Too much time was spent in the Dutch end defending off the Australian attackers, not b/c they were better ball players, but b/c the Netherlands hadn’t decided to really join the game yet. That should not have happened for the much more skilled Dutch team

Yes.. The Netherlands scored first by Robbens. But, only a moment passed (70 seconds) before the game was tied 1-1. Umm.. Hello? Wakey wakey Holland!

The score of 1-1 remained unchanged until the Half Time…

Second half.. Australia kicks a ball against a Dutch players hand. The Dutch player was just running, his arm and hand behind him in neutral position. It just happened to hit his hand. The result? A free kick on the goal. 2-1 Australia. What a load of crap! That should not have ruled a hand ball.

Thank goodness for Van Persie a few minutes later.. he scored the second goal for the Netherlands!

At this point I must say that the ref’s calls were totally absurd. Dutch players being called for doing nothing.. Australia being awarded free kicks for no reason or deliberate dives by their players. Utterly painful to watch, and absolutely ridiculous!

Finally.. where it should be.. Van Persie scores .. again.. Third goal for the Netherlands.

The game became more and more frustrating to watch as Australian player after Australian player continued to take over exaggerated dive after dive. Obviously, the Netherlands are much better ball handlers. That is evident. But when you are out matched, please have some self respect and play with dignity. Yes.. I’m speaking to you Team Australia! We can all see that you are desperate, but continually faking dives to get free kicks, just make you look pathetic!

Final Score: Netherlands 3-2 Australia..

The Netherlands victorious!
The Netherlands victorious!