Baking class last night took a completely different direction from just a couple weeks ago.  Pushed aside were the ‘healthy’ baked goods for the devilishly sinful creamy ones!

Cream Caramel and Bavarian Cream.

First we made the Cream Caramels. The caramel on top was golden. The entire dessert – light and airy.. with just a subtle delicate flavour.. Yummy!

Then we made the Bavarian Creams.
If you have never had a Bavarian Cream.. boy are you missing out. Its decadent and creamy. It reminds you of ice cream with the same texture and fullness. Yet, its lighter, but super creamy at the same time.
I flavoured mine with raspberry..
They taste divine!


Happy New Year!!!… and all that jazz.. ;)

Okay okay.. so I am about 12 days late in wishing everyone a “Happy New Year”, but I still wanted to. 🙂

These past several weeks have flown by. I was so busy I didn’t have time to go online, let alone post anything on my blog. But now I am back and with some very cool news:
I have enrolled in George Brown College’s Culinary Program!!!

I am very excited and a bit intimidated at the same time.
I had my first class last night in the Baking Arts Program.
I have my full chef’s uniform (which I look cute in).. and I have still have to get all of my required tools for the program (the required items list was just given to us last night).. But I did learn to create pie dough from scratch. hahaha
Next week: Apple Pies!!
I’ll let you know how they turn out.

And yes.. as soon as I get a picture of myself in my chef’s uniform, I promise to post it on my blog!


November 22, 2009 – Mrs Russia is crowned Mrs World 2009!

Congratulations to Mrs Russia – Victoria Radochinskaya who has won the Mrs World 2009 beauty pageant, which took place in the Vietnamese city of Vung Tau.

Seventy-eight participants, aged between 19 and 41, competed for the title of the world’s most beautiful married woman. Vietnam, the host country, was represented by two contenders.

The final round of the competition took place on Sunday November 22, 2009.

Victoria Radochinskaya, 31, became the 15th winner of the contest since it was first held in 1985. The PR specialist received the $150,000 jewel-studded crown (a crown of white gold decorated with 63 rubies) from last year’s winner, Ukrainian Natalya Shmarenkova. She also was awarded a necklace of precious stones that cost US$20,000.

First runner-up was Mrs America – Andrea Robertson, a 33 year old professional model.

The second-runner-up was Mrs. Hoang Thi Yen from the host country Vietnam. She works as a director of UBS in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the final round, the candidates competed in three parts, swimsuits, evening dresses and on-stage question. They set an impressive scene as they paraded on the catwalk with a burst of enthusiastic applause from over the 3,000 plus audience.

The organising board first chose the 12 best candidates (Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Costa Rica, Cote, South Africa, England, Vietnam, Poland, Brazil, America, India), then the top 6 beauties from India, Poland, Brazil, Russia, the US and Vietnam before selecting the top three for the Q&A section.

The evening was conducted by American Alan Thicke and Miss World Vietnam 2007, Ngo Phuong Lan. The Mrs World 2010 contest will be held in Seoul , the Republic of Korea.

(Pictured above – L to R: Mrs World 2007 Diane Tucker (America), Mrs World 2009 Victoria Radochinskaya (Russia), Mrs World 2008 Natalya Shmarenkova (Ukraine).)

Mrs. World 2009
Mrs. Russia

Top 3 Finalists
Mrs. Vietnam
Mrs. America
Mrs. Russia

Top 6 Finalists
Mrs. Brazil
Mrs. America
Mrs. Russia
Mrs. India
Mrs. Vietnam
Mrs. Poland

Top 12 Semi Finalists
Mrs. South Africa
Mrs. England
Mrs. Vietnam
Mrs. Poland
Mrs. Brazil
Mrs. America
Mrs. Malaysia
Mrs. Philippines
Mrs. Russia
Mrs. Costa Rica
Mrs. India
Mrs. Ivory Coast

Mrs. Congeniality
Mrs. Denmark

Best Costume
Mrs. Hong Kong