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Tasty Rice with Meat and Vegetables

Tasty Rice with Meat and Vegetables is one of those versatile meals that are great for toddlers, but can feed your entire family at the same time.

It’s an easy little meal that doesn’t take that much time to make, can be served immediately, but also rationed away and frozen as mini meals for your toddlers.

I rinsed basmati rice, and placed in a saucepan with water or chicken broth.  I cooked as specified by the packaging.

Then, I heated olive oil in a pan and sauteed finely chopped red onions, finely chopped carrot, and half a grated green apple for 5 minutes. I then added crushed garlic and sauteed for 1 minute. I added lean ground beef, and cooked, stirring until browned. I then added chopped tomatoes, chicken broth, a little bit of apple juice, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and a mix of dried herbs. I cooked over a low heat uncovered for 20 minutes.

At this point, you may choose to transfer the meat (all or some) to a food processor and chop for 30 seconds to make it easier for a younger toddler to chew.  I scooped a bit into a blender and chopped to create almost a ‘sauce’, which I then added back into the pot with the rest.

I then added some frozen peas, and continued to cook for 3 minutes. Finally I stirred in the rice.





This is one of those dishes where you can make a huge pot, and serve everyone in your family… not just your baby or toddler. The only difference, is you will want to chop the final product in a blender a bit so it’s still chunky, but easier to eat by your little one. 🙂

I heated olive oil in a large pot. I added finely chopped garlic, finely chopped red onions, and sliced prosciutto. I cooked everything over medium heat, stirring, for 3 minutes, until slightly softened. I then added red and orange bell peppers (finely chopped and seeded), chopped canned tomatoes, and cooked for an additional 2 minutes, stirring. I then stirred in vegetable stock, sliced celery, pinto beans, shredded green leafy cabbage, frozen peas (thawed), and fresh parsley chopped. I seasoned with pepper, brought it to a boil, then lowered the heat and let simmer for 30 mins.

I added dried vermicelli to the pot. I cooked for an additional 10-12 minutes or according to the instructions on the package. If serving the minestrone to everyone, remove from the heat and ladle into serving bowls for the adults, and garnish with freshly grated Parmesan.

For your little one, scoop out some of the minestrone into a blender and chop. Be sure to keep a nice chunky consistency, but now it will be easier for that little mouth to eat all the different flavours. 🙂